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Broken Bow Softball Spotlight – Emery Noah – Presented by Pine Cellular

Athletes have moments throughout their careers that stand out for any number of reasons. Some are big milestones and accomplishments, while others are just really great memories. Emery Noah plays softball for Broken Bow High School and she says that one game she pitched stands out as her favorite. 

“The highlight moment of my career is when I was playing in a tournament in Plano, Texas,” she recalled. “I threw a no hitter against a very good and strong team. It made me more confident and comfortable on the mound.” 

Noah is a sophomore who pitches and plays first base on the diamond. As a softball player, she has a couple of collegiate softball players that she looks up to. 

“The person who has had the biggest influence on me is Holly Azevedo from UCLA,” she said. “I liked how she pitched and never gave up when playing big teams. Another person who influenced me is Estelle Czech who pitched at Texas. She inspired me because she has a positive mindset and has good confidence in herself and whatever pitch she is throwing.” 

As a student, she has learned from a number of different teachers, but she has one that has had a big influence on her. 

“The teacher that has had the biggest impact on my life is my middle school FACS teacher, Mrs. Green,” she said. “I used to be really shy and quiet, she helped me get out of my comfort zone and talk to more people. She also helped me be more confident in the things that I was doing.” 

Noah is a solid softball player, but she says that it takes a lot to be able to be your best. 

“It has taken a lot of practice and sacrifices to be successful in softball,” she said. “I always turned down going to do fun things with family and friends or staying up all night so I could get more reps in or study longer. I also have some great teammates that make me a better player. Maliyah Carney is someone that I enjoy practicing with because she is very good and we are both competing with each other to be the starting pitcher.” 

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