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Q&A with Broken Bow’s Jaci Stafford – Presented By Evan Smalling, StateFarm

VYPE: How did you enjoy your recent experience helping with the state Special Olympics in Stillwater?

Jaci Stafford: I enjoyed it immensely! I loved being able to interact with so many different people, and help out simultaneously.

VYPE: What life skills or values did you take away from participating in speech/debate?

JS: One thing speech/debate definitely helped me with is public speaking. Not only have I grown more confident in that area, I have also learned different skills that help with persuading an audience, informing them about a subject while successfully keeping their attention, and other things of the sort.

VYPE: What was your favorite memory from being in Color Guard?

JS: My favorite memory from color guard is this past marching season as a whole. Some prime examples of that would be performing a duet with one of my fellow captains at the beginning of our competition show, teaching one of the new members how to do a toss that was in the show, and performing on Broken Bow’s football field for the last time. 

VYPE: What are your future plans?

JS: My future plans are to attend Southern Arkansas University this fall and pursue a degree in business. After earning my degree, I might end up opening a business of my own. I’m definitely going to see where God leads me, and go from there.

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