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Broken Bow Mom of the Month Laci Tomlinson – Presented by McCurtain County National Bank

Broken Bow High School baseball mom Laci Tomlinson has been volunteering since her senior boy was five years old.

“My personal view of being a volunteer is just an extension of being a parent,” said Laci.  “To provide my kids and other kids with the best childhood experiences. Let them be kids, let them play, let them learn, let them grow, let them create, let them imagine, let them be more!”

Not only does Laci have a senior, Jagger, but she is also mom to three seventh graders, Jasee, Lanie, and Talan. Currently Laci holds the title of Savage Homerun Club President. So not only has she helped with baseball, but football, basketball, and cheerleading.

“Seeing a child grow before my eyes into a better player, supportive teammate or tumbling cheerleader has been so good for my heart. In every sport, I like to set a goal for each kid to reach so they can see their progress, such as making a touchdown, making a bank shot, catching a pop fly, and having a proper cartwheel.”

Even with four busy kids of her own, that does not stop this mom from unofficially adapting a few others.

“This group of high school seniors are all my kids,” said Laci. “I have loved every minute of their high school careers. I pray they have all enjoyed their high school baseball experience. I pray for all their futures. I just want every kid on the team to know that if they need something, I will try to get it, food, uniforms, equipment, praise or a hug! I want to be that team mom who they can all expect to help them. This is why I volunteer!”

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