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Broken Bow academic bowl spotlight – Courtney Wood – Presented by Weyerhaeuser

Broken Bow sophomore academic bowl student Courtney Wood is quick to buzz in for questions about music, literature and playwrights.

“I also answer some common knowledge questions. During one round, our team had a minute to guess 10 Disney movies based on their songs,” Wood said, “and we got every one of them right!”

Wood enjoys spending time with her teammates and making memories – they keep it light, but competitive. Off the heels of the 2023 season, she’s eager for her upcoming junior season.

“Now that the season’s over, I miss getting to see my teammates all the time,” Wood said.

“Some of the best times I’ve had with the team have been on the rides back from meets. We also have a lot of fun at practices and during rounds. One time, we sang the fight song and drummed on the tables at Idabel High School while we were waiting for a round to start.”

Wood is also in Broken Bow’s marching band and competes in speech/debate.

“I believe it is important to be well-rounded, especially in high school,” Wood said. “Being in multiple extracurriculars has helped me grow closer to my classmates and coaches, and they have made me a better person. I don’t think my life would be the same without these activities.”

Growing up in Broken Bow, population ~ 4,200, is a unique experience, Wood said.

“You may have multiple classes with the same people, so you have more time to grow closer to them,” Wood said. “I love all the friendships I’ve made here.”

As she rounds out the first half of her high school career, Wood has begun to contemplate her post-graduation plans.

“I just know God has a plan for me, and my goal is to follow where He leads,” Wood said.

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