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Broken Bow basketball player Masyn Williston enjoys work at local marina, participating in student council – Presented by Weyerhaeuser

Broken Bow’s Masyn Williston is a standout small forward for the Savages and spends his free time working at a local marina.

“It’s pretty nice. You get to know a lot of people around here and make friends with people you never even knew, and I think it’s because they are just going on a break from wherever they are from, like Dallas, Oklahoma City, etc.,” Williston said. “It’s quiet down here, which is why I believe a lot of them come here, to get away from the noise of their city.”

Playing sports in Broken Bow is a unique experience, Williston said.

“Everyone knows you or of you, and a lot of your friends go to the games if they aren’t a part of the team,” Williston said, “so you have a little fan base, which is sometimes nice to have.” Williston expressed two goals in playing basketball: to win a state championship and to get into college.

“We owe it to our coaches and ourselves to win. Our coaches push us to what they believe we are capable of. We as a team are capable of winning and doing great things, and if we continue to work on playing as a team, I feel like we can get to where we want to be,” Williston said. “I want to be able to get into a great college and be able to further my education so I can become successful, not just for me, but for my family as well.”

Williston is also a dedicated member of Broken Bow’s student council.

“The people in student council have helped me become a better person and have helped me become more social, which I think is a big part in anyone’s life,” Williston said. “I used to be shy around new people, but now I’m more outgoing and willing to meet and talk to more people without shying away from them.”

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