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Tyrin Tinajero stars for Broken Bow football, basketball and track – Presented by Pine Cellular

Broken Bow’s Tyrin Tinajero plays football and basketball and runs track.

Football and basketball share similar esteem in his heart. His parents put him in both sports when he was young.

“Playing sports all-year round, you’ll get very busy, but being social with other people or even family isn’t really a big problem,” Tinajero said. “We build up into a family. We’re all real close.”

Some may think playing a fall, winter and spring sport might cause a conflict of schedule;Tinajero believes each one compliments the other.

“Football definitely helps me for basketball, and then when I’m ready to switch over ot track, I’m already in shape good enough to not be breathing hard,” Tinajero said.

Tinajero said he hopes more colleges will recruit him for playing multiple sports, “and it’s more fun than just doing one sport all year-round.”

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