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Broken Bow student-athlete spotlight – Adin Coley – Presented by Broken Bow Dentistry

Adin Coley, a Broken Bow High School student-athlete, was described by head coach Rod Davis as “an explosive linebacker and running back.”

Coley also throws shot and disc for Broken Bow’s track & field team and competes on the powerlifting team.

“After football is over for the season, I go into powerlifting followed by track. At times, it’s tough to keep up with my schedule having to deal with school and college classes, but I enjoy the sports,” Coley said. “I also have time in the summer to work a job at the paddle boats in Beaver’s Bend.”

It’s not a bad gig.

“After going to summer workouts in the morning, it’s a nice, cool spot to relax,” Coley said. “ I work with some of my family and teammates, so it makes it more enjoyable, but you also get to meet and talk to new people.”

Coley is also an impressive student. Last year, he took two concurrent classes.

“To me, academics come before sports and sometimes, I think your ethic in class can translate to sports,” Coley said. “I would have to say my older sister [Emoree Coley] is who influenced me early on to prioritize my grades as sort of a friendly competition to see who can do better.”

Coley hopes to graduate within the top 10% of his senior class next spring; but that’s only one of his goals for senior year.

“As a team, it would be the same goal all teams pursue, a state championship,” Coley said, “but as an individual it is to help my team and create a positive attitude between myself and teammates.”

To achieve their goals, Coley and his teammates are going to need to come together, he said.

“It’ll take us seniors to show leadership and encourage our teammates as well as working together and holding each other accountable,” Coley said, “but in all, it requires working hard throughout the year and surrounding myself with people who motivate me and can help me achieve my goals.”

VYPE: Which teammate, past or present, has had the greatest impact on you and why?
Adin Coley: I would have to say CJ Whitfield has had the greatest impact on me. He was a senior when I was a freshman, and he showed a big leadership role. He didn’t let you slack off and held you accountable always. His younger brother, Kyran, who is a senior with me as well this year, shares the same leadership.

VYPE: What does it mean to be a Broken Bow Savage?
AC: It means alot to me to be a Broken Bow Savage. Having most of my family been one as well so it’s more than just a team, it’s a family.

VYPE: What’s a piece of advice you’ve received from a coach or teacher that you won’t
AC: A piece of advice I’ve received that still sticks with me is that everyday is a new day to better yourself and to put yesterday behind you.

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