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Broken Bow’s Alexa Schultz – Athlete Spotlight – Presented by Broken Bow Dentistry

By Payton Moody 

Meet Alexa Schultz, a talented high school student athlete from Broken Bow High School. As an avid cross country runner, Schultz’s journey is marked by dedication, camaraderie and a resolute spirit that defines her approach to both the sport and life.

Coach Lee stands as the central figure in Schultz’s cross country career. “Coach Lee has been my favorite coach,” she said. “He is the one that has made the most difference in my high school career. I hate the feeling of disappointment when it comes from him and it always makes me do better.” 

Schultz is no stranger to a supportive team, as her teammates rally behind her on and off the field. “Most of my teammates always support me no matter what I’m up against,” she said. 

Among her mentors, Mrs. Green stands out as Schultz’s favorite teacher. “She showed me the most about life,” she said.

In the off-season, Schultz has honed her physical and mental prowess through focused workouts and dedicated running. This preparation ensures she enters the upcoming season in prime form.

The lessons gleaned from cross country extend far beyond the track. “My sport has taught me that no matter how many friends you have, once it comes down to winning and losing, they will never pass up their own opportunity for you,” Schultz said. “This mindset has made me a competitor.”

When asked about her favorite memory in the sport, Schultz fondly recalls her first race. “At the end of my first race, my coach stood at the finish line and congratulated me,” she said. “He told me lots of positive things to keep me motivated for the next race.”

As the new season unfolds, Schultz has set both individual and team aspirations. “I have individual goals to focus on my own time and strive for improvement each race,” she said. “As a team, I hope we all make it to state.”

The anticipation for the first matchup fuels Schultz’s excitement, setting the tone for the upcoming competitions.

Beyond high school, Schultz envisions a future as a neurologist. 

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